How I can help you Learn Finance

Business Finance for Managers


Maurice B. Goudzwaard Ph.D

Dr. Goudzwaard brings the world of Business Finance to your company in his one, two or three day seminars on Business Finance for Managers.

What is taught. The conferences and seminars contain the key elements of Business Finance: Financial Statement Analysis, Cash Flow, RoI, EVA, Break Even Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Risk and Return, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Rates of Return, and Market Valuation. The main focus is on the creation of value for shareholders and customers.

Custom Designed. All seminars are custom designed to accommodate the company's financial statements, its industry and particular attention is paid to the Country's economic and political environment.

No one gets left behind. The learning experience is interesting, relevant, relaxed and is oriented to the educational and experience level of each participant so that no one gets left behind. We learn with a combination of lecture, discussion, and illustrations.

Venue. Seminars are conducted at a venue convenient to the company. They vary in length from one to three days, and the numbers of participants can range from 10 to 30 in seminars and any number of participants at Conferences.

Learning materials. A 200 page workbook is provided for easy reference during and after the seminars, and a Glossary of financial terms is included.

No educational prerequisites. There are no educational and experience prerequisites in order to participate in these seminars.